Yoga in Tracht

Yoga is fun – and healthy! 

Today being the 4th International Day of Yoga, lets look at some of the roughly 300 million practitioners worldwide.

Images of our in-house photographer Janine, was inspired by this day and started a series called "Yoga in Tracht", which shows Yoga practices in traditional clothes, to illustrate that Yoga arrived in Germany as well.

It has been a growing number (and market) for some time now, and the health benefits and the evidence of that also is growing.

As of today there are at least 13 evidence based benefits of yoga. 

Next to stress decrease, anxiety and depression relief, balance and improve heart and lung health, this one you do not hear of so often:

„One study incorporated yoga into an outpatient eating disorder treatment program with 54 patients, finding that yoga helped reduce both eating disorder symptoms and preoccupation with food.”

In Germany, Stratas home base, 16% of the population has had experience with Yoga. 54% practice at home, and 86% of those who do, feel a positive change in their body and mind.

Yoga für alle e.v. hosts the “Yoganacht 2019”, June 22 in Munich. They help promote the health benefits of yoga by giving lessons to prisoners, refugees, people with eating disabilities, seniors and children. If you want to support their cause visit:

"Yoga in Tracht" will continue the search of further "traditional" Yogis from Bavaria. Let us know if you want to be part of it! First photo session was with Linda Eichbaum from Beweggründe, who practices Kundalini-Yoga and Psychotherapy through movement and dance.